Employees Must Feel Getting Value in Organization

To find an employee who is a performer is the biggest challenge, once you get, then retaining is tougher than getting.

Retaining top employees is as crucial as running the organization loss free. It not only saves cost of hiring of replacement but also increase the probability of profit maximization when an existing performer is retained.  

Most of the companies are putting lot of time, energies and cost on training and development of the employees. Most of the employees when they are trained and have got some experience and tenure in the current organization they look for other opportunities. Most of the companies and HR feels that better compensation attracts them, however studies say that majority of the employees start looking new opportunities because they do not get due values in the current organization and treated like paid labor.

And vice versa most of the companies follow the practice of reward and recognition to make them feel that they are valued in the organization for their performance, are successful to retain employees for  longer period.

Case studies say that companies which are paying financial compensation lesser than the other organization however with due respect, reward and recognition, are more likely to have satisfied employees.

Make sure if we keep performer getting feel value in the organization we have more chances to retain employees for longer period which may be the part of the organization as an asset.

Following are the practices which can engage employees and help to the organization to keep employees getting feel value in the organization:

  • Reward and Recognition for the performers should be given on timely basis;
  • Feedback session for the organization and management with employees, win the confidence of the employees in the organization;
  • 1-0-1 is a very useful tool for organization and employees to have discussion on all the agendas of the organization with maintaining the confidentiality in the nature of the conversation; it make employees feel happy that organization is concerned for them and they get opportunities to speak out their heart;
  • Survey by the organization is also a tool when employees feel that their voice and thought matters for the organization.

To grow in the competitive world, organization must keep their employees feel that they are equally important and valued.

HR Audit – A tool to ensures optimum efficiency and effectiveness of man power

HR Audit a need of the business when the question arises on the efficiency and effectiveness of man power, deployed in the organization. HR Audit ensures the goals of business to be achieved by the human resource, it ensures whether the right people are on the right job?,  HR Audit ensure the right structure of the organization for the human resource to achieve the goal.

In short spell, most importantly it can be said that it is ensuring and providing the right platform for the HR and company by finding the gap by HR audit.

Into the present era of competitive world, management has bigger space in the business world to be understood and executed rather than only “getting work done”. Now the main focus is on how to get work done effectively and efficiently. For High profitability and smooth functioning it is the main requirement of the organization that the 2 resources called Human Resource (HR) and Material Resource (MR) should work effectively and efficiently. Being HR and MR are the two legs of the organization and effectiveness and efficiency are the two parameters which ensure that HR and MR are linked and working properly.

Fortunately only that organization can go longer which has both legs fit and going ahead with parallel performance. If any one of them is not fit, organization can not go longer and can not survive properly. Working of MR is subject to inspection and maintenance of it, however most of the organization ignores doing the same for HR, called HR Audit.

HR Audit ensures optimum utilization of human resources and can build up strong relationship between employer and employees. The organization which does not follow HR Audit, can face the problem like;

  • Organization is producing 60 units under the impression that it is the highest capacity of HR, however can produce much higher than 60 units;
  • IF organization is facing problem to retain the employees, can be resolved this by HR Audit;
  • Employees degrades quality of the production even you are paying fair remuneration,
  • At times your employees have chaos in the office, however have good understanding among themselves when they are out of office;
  • Lack of commitment toward the work as it needs to be audited that where is the lack,
  • Overstaffing or understaffing a very common problem of the organization;

And many more HR hidden problems are faced by the organization which can be found if HR Audit is executed by HR Professionals and this in turn will increase the productivity with minimizing the cost.

Corporate giants are investing good amount on HR Audit because it saves huge cost of the organization and maximize profit and turns a sound return to the organization.

A team with a great leader is a sign of sure success

A team with a great leader is a tool for a success of the organization. Everything rises and falls on leadership. Management is all about getting work done, and this can be done by two ways either we compel to do or we can persuade them. Compulsion will lead to halfheartedly working from employees; however persuasion is the method which will encourage employees to do the task in right manner whole heartedly. For a leader it is the most important task to understand his/her team members and how they get motivation. If a leader understands what motivates people, he has his own command, the most powerful tool to deal with them.

To get the success organization must know that having a great leader, who picks good people who actually works to win rather than for completing the task, and looks for continuous improvement on performance deliverance.

Creating the right environment for working is the prime responsibility and task of a leader; it will raise the level of satisfaction and will lead to a positive result.

A leader is the one who knows the abilities of the individual and link that abilities to the respective task, this motivates employees to derive the result based on their abilities and employees are confident enough with their abilities to work.

Human Resource Managers/Professionals play a very crucial role on hiring and developing the leader, and leaders equipped with all the above qualities provide the right direction and motivates to employees to achieve the organizational goal.

A Company must focus on hiring or developing the great leader who can make the best utilization of human resource, deployed in the organization.