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What can great HR software do for you? Among other things…

Applicant tracking

Applicant Tracking

Just like the early bird gets the worm, the right We helps HR and recruiters find the best candidates, faster.

Time-off tracking

Time-Off Tracking

With automated time-off requests built into your HR system, you can say goodbye to shoulder-taps and sticky notes.

HR reporting

HR Reporting

Gain instant insights from your HRIS. Our IT Solutions makes it easy to create quick, custom, and precise reports.

Electronic signatures

Electronic Signatures

E-signatures save time, money, and trees, not to mention the hassle of distributing and collecting signed paperwork.

Employee self-onboarding

Employee Self-Onboarding

Better HR software creates better first days, and a great onboarding experience means increased retention and engagement.

Employee database and records

Employee Database and Records

Master employee data and make it work for you, with HR software that organizes everything from healthcare info to home addresses in a single, centralized, and secure database.

Custom workflows

Custom Workflows

Put bottlenecks in the guillotine and make important decisions faster with efficient, streamlined workflows you create yourself.

Performance management software


Performance Management Software

Shorter, more frequent, more relevant, and more honest. These aren’t traditional performance reviews—they’re reviews reinvented by Our HR IT Solutions.

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