How to derive performance from non performing employees

Usually it is observed into the corporate world that most of the managers invest their energies into changing employees when they do not perform, however an employees can be turned into a performing one if the same energies of managers are invested into finding the unique abilities and then help them use those qualities to derive the result on their own way.

This process will not only help the employees but also help to the organization as converting non performing employee into performing to add on to business profitability. It will also reduce the cost of hiring a new employee and taking risk of bad hiring.

If an employee is having problem, Manager should not threaten to fire him, rather he/she can help him with his problem. Supporting on personal ground will gain the trust of employees toward the company and managers. Employee would try to put his all energies to raise his graph as much as possible and once he/she gets up to the required performance then the chances would be that he will be a long term employee for the organization with continuous improvement.

All you’ve got to do for the above, is, prove yourself that you care for the people who are working for you.

Remember that an employee who has gained confidence on organization will do more than anyone else.

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